Chip Card

Do you want FREE food? Who doesn’t, right?

Well with a Chip Card when you spend money you get points. Get enough points and you get discount. For every pound you spend, when you spend £5 or over, you get a point. Get 50 points and you get £5 off your next purchase. It’s that simple!

More than this though, you get access to discounts and competitions which Joe Public doesn’t. For instance our Members’ Mondays is only open to Chip Card holders and gives a whopping 20% off anything ordered every Monday.

To get a loyalty card call instore or send us your name, address and phone number to and we will post one to you.

One more thing, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter and when you request your Chip Card it will come with 5 points already loaded on it. What other food bar does that? There really is no reason to eat anywhere else.